UX Strategy

Afternoon Light is a dynamic new player in the home goods and furnishings market, on a mission to deliver a uniquely curated shopping experience for a diverse customer base. Standing out in a crowded field, they bring a distinct aesthetic flair that sets them apart from the typical offerings. Their e-commerce platform is a clever mix of insightful editorial content and thoughtfully selected products, establishing a new benchmark in the world of home furnishings.

My Roles
What I Did

UX/UI Designer,

Visual Design,

UX Flow Creation,

High-Fidelity Prototyping,

Comprehensive UX/UI Strategy,

Collaborative Development Handoff.

Creative Brief
Project Insights

My Approach

I focused on crafting a data-driven user journey, aimed at optimizing for conversion and growth. With a content strategy rooted in audience engagement and SEO, I laid the groundwork for a strong marketing rhythm for Afternoon Light's debut.

Performance Marketing & User Experience Design

Personalization was key for Afternoon Light, presenting a challenge in offering complex filtering options on a large-scale dropship platform. I tackled this by devising a user-centric filtering interface, empowering customers with a seamless curatorial experience.

Content Strategy

Developing a data-driven content hierarchy, I facilitated Afternoon Light's brand launch with a structure that supported unique storytelling. I utilized the founders' passion and ideas to showcase their brand partners effectively, optimizing cultural content for search integration and a cohesive shopping journey.

Visual Design

Alongside the functional enhancements, I contributed to the visual design aspects, ensuring the website's aesthetic aligned with the user-friendly experience and the brand's sophisticated identity.

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