Brand Identity

Finally say goodbye to the overwhelming skincare routine. Clear is getting "clear" about skincare by embracing simplicity and helping people achieve the completion of their dreams

My Roles
What I Did

Product Designer,

Creative Direction,

Brand Identity + Brand Strategy,

Brand Positioning,

Packaging + Advertising Materials,

UX/Web Design,

Social Media Roadmap,

New Product Roll-out AD's

Creative Brief
Project Insights

Project Approach & Goals

With Clear skincare, my goal was to shake things up in the brand identity department. I aimed to give them a fresh, standout vibe that cuts through the usual skincare clutter. This meant getting creative with everything from their online look to their product packaging, making sure it all screamed simplicity and real results.

Brand Identity and Strategy

Worked on a brand strategy that steps away from the usual skincare buzz. It was all about making Clear a go-to for straightforward, effective skincare. The idea was to create a brand image that's not just cool but also connects with folks looking for no-nonsense skin solutions.

Logo Design

Designed a logo that mixes minimal beauty with a twist of modern style. It's all about being different but in a sleek, subtle way.

Tone of Voice

Crafted Clear's way of chatting to be like talking to a friendly dermatologist—easy to understand, no crazy jargon. It's all about helping people get their skincare routine down pat without the confusion.

Web Design

Built a website that's a breeze to use, especially on mobile. The design is all Clear, through and through, making the online shopping experience smooth and reflecting the top-notch quality of their products.


Put together packaging that's as simple as Clear's skincare approach but still catches your eye. Think timeless but with a punch.


Came up with out-of-the-box ad ideas to get Clear noticed, both around the block and in the bigger scene.

Social Media Strategy

Created a social media game plan that's as fun and unique as the brand. It's a roadmap for Clear to show off what they're all about and grow their online community.

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