Platform Overhaul

When it comes to real estate research, the big players trust Green Street as their go-to source—But with their robust and fast growing platform, navigating it was starting to feel like a chore to their users. So we took the opportunity to revamp it and make it easier for users to get the valuable data they need; because when it comes to making important investment decisions, ease of use is vital.

My Roles
What I Did

UX/UI Designer,

SaaS Platform Redesign,

UX Flow Creation,

Design System Development,

User Interface Overhaul,

High-Fidelity Prototyping,

User-Friendly Interface Design,

Comprehensive UX/UI Strategy,

Collaborative Development Handoff.

Creative Brief
Project Insights

Platform Redesign Strategy

We started by focusing on a research-based strategy, closely considering the needs of Green Street's existing users, their goals, and the essential features of their platform. A key objective was to test and improve SaaS KPIs through our revamped user experience.

User-Centric Service Design

Our design process was a collaborative effort with Green Street's engineering and content teams. This partnership was crucial in developing a comprehensive understanding of the product, leading to the creation of a scalable Atomic Design system that evolves with the company.

Insightful Research and Development

We conducted extensive user interviews and usability testing over two months. This allowed our research team to work alongside Green Street's product team, closely observing user interactions to tailor our design approach effectively.

Service Blueprint and Product Restructuring

Before starting, we mapped the complexity of Green Street's existing business through service design workshops. This preparation was vital in handling the complexities of the design transformation. We also focused on restructuring the product to keep customer priorities at the forefront, informed by user feedback.

Personalized, Data-Driven Dashboard

We revamped the Green Street dashboard to be more navigable and customizable. The new onboarding process was designed to understand individual user preferences, resulting in a tailored dashboard experience.

Innovative Mapping and Interactive Features

The challenge was to make complex charting data accessible and understandable. We achieved this by combining customizable modules with a user-friendly mapping interface. Additionally, we prioritized the most used filters to streamline the creation of visual graphs and interactive charts.

Enhanced Mobile Experience and Scalable Design

Our approach included a mobile-first strategy to ensure a seamless user experience across devices. We also built a scalable design infrastructure using an Atomic Design system, ensuring consistency and adaptability across all platform elements.

Collaborative Growth Strategy

Throughout the project, our close collaboration with Green Street's team was instrumental in transforming their platform. This partnership fostered tailored solutions, aligning design elements with the company's growth strategy and enhancing the overall user experience.

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