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Her Place is a forward-thinking, women-centric brand dedicated to creating a safe and empowering environment for women's sexual health. Addressing a significant gap in resources that support women's sexual health journey, Her Place aims to foster a sense of agency and positivity. The brand focuses on developing a customer-centered eCommerce experience that not only showcases its offerings but also builds a strong, supportive community

My Roles
What I Did

UX/UI Designer,

Visual Designer,

Content Strategist,

Email Marketing Design,

E-com Web Design,


Hi-fi Prototyping,


Creative Brief
Project Insights

Brand and User Experience Integration

I took Her Place's compelling brand identity and elevated it into an immersive, customer-focused digital shopping experience. This involved thinking deeply about the customer experience, leading to a design that was both intimate and inviting​​​​.

Content Strategy and SEO

Focused on making the brand's personal stories discoverable to the right audience through comprehensive competitive analysis and keyword research. This was key in creating clear pathways to the emotionally powerful content Her Place offers​​.

User Engagement and Site Functionality

Employed a test-driven approach to understand user preferences and enhance site engagement. I also recognized the need for an easy-to-update site to support the brand's marketing efforts, which led to the implementation of a flexible page builder tool​​​​.

Building Brand Affinity

Despite pre-launch product delays due to the pandemic, I utilized this challenge as an opportunity to highlight the brand's purpose and garner affinity, featuring personal narratives as a central component of the website​

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