Hyland's Naturals have been providing safe and effective natural remedies for generations. With over a century of experience under their belt, they saw an opportunity to reinvent themselves as a modern supplements brand. Through this transition, they wanted to stay true to their roots while also appealing to new audiences looking for premium wellness products.

My Roles
What I Did

Product Designer,

User Research,

Mind mapping,

Design System implementation,

Packaging Mockups,

Web Design,


Hi-fi Prototyping,


Dev Handoff coordination and collaboration

Creative Brief
Project Insights

Game Plan

We kicked things off by diving deep into user research. Talking directly with existing and potential customers gave us fantastic insights into how people perceive the brand and what they're looking for in natural supplements. It was crucial for us to ensure that everyone, old and new customers alike, felt right at home on the website.

A Customer-Centered User Experience

I redesigned the website by prioritizing the content to appeal to the 4 different customer categories: Kids, Babies, Adults, and Athletes. A user-research approach allowed us to gather our most valuable brand insights right from the source. We were able to better understand brand perception and value in the eyes of both current and future customers.

Data-Driven Design and Storytelling

Using insights from surveys and interviews, we built the website's content based on what mattered most to users buying natural supplements. We wanted them to feel understood and informed about their choices.


Implementing features like subscriptions streamlined the process for customers, ensuring timely delivery of their supplements. This user-friendly service not only catered to their needs but also increased customer satisfaction.

Mobile Experience

Our mobile-first approach guaranteed a seamless shopping experience for users on-the-go. The website was crafted to be responsive, providing a smooth and accessible interface across various devices.

Scalable with Component-Based Design

Leveraging a component-based design system ensured a smooth and scalable platform. This approach allowed for flexibility in design elements, making updates and expansions efficient and manageable.

Boosting Growth

After a successful launch, our team initiated a growth strategy that amplified user engagement. My role primarily involved aligning design elements to support this strategy.


By keeping in touch regularly and working hand-in-hand, we were able to transform Hyland's online presence. Our partnership meant we could craft solutions tailored to Hyland's unique needs, building trust and delivering great results.As the lead designer I drove the design decisions of the Hyland's Naturals re-brand for their eCommerce website. This project was all about boosting performance, giving users a top-notch experience, and making the brand shine through a data-driven, collaborative approach.

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