UX Strategy (NFT)

Kaiju Cards is an innovative NFT game built on the Solana blockchain, offering players the opportunity to collect and trade character NFTs in a vibrant marketplace. The game, titled Genesis Quest, and its associated NFT marketplace were developed to provide a dynamic and engaging platform for players to shop and interact within the Kaiju Cards universe

My Roles
What I Did

UX/UI Designer,


NFT Marketplace Design,

User Experience Research,

Collaborative Project Coordinating

Creative Brief
Project Insights

Game and Marketplace Design

I collaborated closely with the Kaiju team to gain an in-depth understanding of the NFT ecosystem they envisioned. My approach combined gaming best practices with my expertise in eCommerce and UX to create a world-class product for both the game and marketplace.

Design System

I developed a scalable design system with a shared visual element library, ensuring a seamless look and feel across all products.

Marketplace Features

I designed the marketplace with a mobile-first approach, incorporating a complex filtering mechanism to facilitate user interaction.

Game Aesthetics

Drawing inspiration from Japanese RPG and adventure games, I merged various elements to craft a unique aesthetic for Genesis Quest, enhancing the gameplay experience.

Information Architecture

My focus on user journey mapping led to the design of an efficient notification system that informed users without causing disruption.

User Experience Design

I utilized user research to prioritize essential information, organizing it into a traditional, intuitive navigation system for easy accessibility.

Collaboration and Delivery

I ensured regular collaboration with the Kaiju team, managing asset delivery efficiently to meet tight project timelines.

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