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Lindora Nutrition is a California-based health and wellness company with a strong legacy of over 45 years, operating more than 30 weight loss clinics in Southern California. Renowned as a pioneer in keto-based diet plans, Lindora has made a significant impact on many lives through its comprehensive approach to health and nutrition. The brand is dedicated to empowering individuals on their journey to better health, combining personalized diet plans with supportive wellness strategies

My Roles
What I Did

UX Designer,

Web Design,

User Research,

Mind mapping,

Design System implementation,

Packaging Mockups,


Hi-fi Prototyping,


Dev Handoff coordination and collaboration

Creative Brief
Project Insights

Understanding Customer Needs

In my role, I conducted user research and interviews to understand Lindora's customers, aged 30-60, who sought healthier lifestyles without sacrificing their favorite foods. This understanding was crucial in creating user journeys that enabled customers to choose transformations aligning with their goals, ultimately boosting their confidence in both the brand and their purchase decisions​​.

Personalization and Customization

I focused on personalizing the online experience to mirror the in-clinic support Lindora is known for. This included designing a custom quiz to gather customer needs and offer personalized product recommendations. The results were integrated with Hubspot for ongoing product recommendation and user preference management​​.

Content Strategy

My strategy involved tailoring the website's content to the key user groups interested in the keto diet, weight loss, and lifestyle transformation. This was achieved by designing, optimizing, and organizing key landing pages with relevant content and keywords, all backed by data-driven insights​​.

Enhancing User Value

To increase the lifetime value for Lindora's customers, I implemented a simple subscription sign-up and developed an easy way for customers to bundle products, a feature highly requested by existing customers​​.

Centralized Design System

I played a key role in redesigning the website with a data-led approach, focusing on a visually compelling experience that catered to the personal needs of the users. This involved regularly updating engineers with data results to support their tasks​​.

Collaboration Efforts

I actively collaborated with the Lindora team, especially during the pandemic, to establish a successful remote partnership. This involved regular Zoom meetings with the internal team and stakeholders, ensuring seamless coordination and execution of the project​​.

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