Brand Identity

Motherly empowers all caregivers on their unique parenting journey. They believe that motherhood is a role, not a gender, and they're here to provide a supportive and inclusive community for all parents, from all walks of life to build genuine friendships.

My Roles
What I Did

Creative Director,

UX/UI App Design,

Brand Identity,

Brand Strategy,

Merchandise and Packaging Design

Creative Brief
Project Insights

Brand Essence and App Design

Iworked on capturing Motherly's essence and developed a strategic approach to communicate its unique identity, voice, and story. The app was designed to connect parents with their local community through customizable features, promoting meaningful connections​​.

Logo and Tone of Voice

I designed the Motherly logo with a soft, flowing "m" to symbolize the nurturing nature of the brand, using a soothing shade of lavender to reflect its inclusive values. The tone of voice I developed is empathetic, inclusive, and community-driven, creating a warm and welcoming environment for all caregivers​​.

Photography Direction and Merchandise

My approach included directing photography to showcase diverse families, always with an inclusive angle. Additionally, I crafted unique billboards, guidebooks, tote bags, and size-inclusive t-shirts to enhance brand presence and storytelling

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